How to configure the IPTV subscription?

> How to configure IPTV on VLC Media Player

VLC media player - it's a free media player. To play the multimedia file, you do not need to define additional codec, they are already defined in a program. VLC perfectly produces streaming video (IPTV) and Internet radio. In addition, the program can record an audio / video stream on your computer. That's why this program will be perfect for watching TV shows on your computer. This program works with the most modern operational systems.

* Download and install the VLC Media Player on your computer. (Download link)  After that, start the VLC player. Choose File-> Open Network Stream, Paste M3U Link Directly and press Open.  

4. After downloading the playlist, Open Playlist-> Show Playlist to display the channel list. Choose another channel from the playlist to watch it.

If you have problems viewing the live TV service, please follow this recommended correction.

Restart your device / box and your internet router

> How to configure IPTV on GSE IPTV Iphone, Ipad, TV call, Android smartphone and tablet 

This tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for an Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple TV.

Go to "App Store" and search for "GSE SMART IPTV". 
Install and run 'GSE SMART IPTV'. 
Open the settings menu and click on "REMOTE READING LISTS". 
Click the "+" button and choose the "Add URL M3U WITH OPTION" option. 
Enter a name in the "Playlist name" field (example: PRO-IPTV.FR) 
Delete all existing data and spaces in the Link field of the playlist and enter the URL of your playlist unique. 
Click on the "Add" button. 
You can now click on the service from "Remote Playlists" to start watching. 
Watch live TV after initial setup

Run the IPTV app. 
Go to "Remote Playlists". 
Click on the playlist. 
Choose a channel to display.

> How to configure IPTV on MAG BOX

1. Go to Menu - Settings - System Settings 
2. Servers - Portals - Define Portal 1 (on the link we sent you) - Restart Portal 
3. After the download, reboot the device 
4. Wait for the TV screen shows Channel 
Press "1" and "OK" to confirm on the remote if the channel lists are empty
video tuto youtube 

> How to configure IPTV on Smart IPTV

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instructions for a LG Smart TV. The IPTV service of the live television channel uses a media controller application called "Smart IPTV". This app is free for a period of seven days. You will then be asked to make a single donation of 5.49 euros IPTV Application Development.

Smart TV Installation Instructions

1.To check if your Smart TV is compatible with the Live TV service, go to the Smart TV screen and search for the "Smart IPTV" application. If the application does not appear on the main screen, you may need to search for it in "All Apps" or "Updates". 
2.Start the "Smart TV" application. 
3. Write down the MAC address displayed on the screen. 
4. Go to from any web browser. 
5. Go to the section called "Add external playlist links (URL)" and enter your "Mac" address and the unique URL of the Live TV playlist in the "Link" field. 
6.Make the dropdown selection "Country" on "Miscellaneous". 
7.If you have problems loading the playlist, you can check the box "Keep online".
8.Click the "Add Link" button. 
9. Restart the "Smart IPTV" application.

1 * - Download Smart IPTV in your TV

(This is only for Samsung and LG Smart TV)

Go to your Apps TV
Smart IPTV Search
Install Smart IPTV and open Smart IPTV
Now you can see your MAC address on the right side of your screen
Go to
Add your MAC and your M3U URL
Click Add Link

> How to configure IPTV on KODI 

on smartphone, tablet and android box Download kodi 
kodi is available on Windows, Linux, Android, RaspberryPi, iOS, MacOS 
And followed the instructions on this video watch? v = koXnysyepXA

> How to configure STB emu on Android 

STB Emulator essentially clones the Mag interface and can be used on Android or Windows devices using Android emulators such as Bluestacks.

Download STB Emulator from Google Playstore. There are two paid and free versions. The paid version is ad-free.

Installation Instructions 
Open App 
Click the Menu / Settings button on the remote control or double click with the mouse and click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 
A menu is displayed on the right. 
Click Settings 
Profiles and Add Profile (a new profile will be created) 
. Profile Name and change what you want Ex proIPTV
Click OK 
Select Portal URL and enter the URL of the server we have provided 
Click OK 
Select STB Setup 
Click Screen Resolution and 
select Auto Select Mac-address and enter the MAC address.
The MAC address for decoders usually starts with 00: 1A: 79: XX: XX: XX. X can be numbers from 1 to 9 or letters from AF. This Mac address can be manipulated. The address you send us is the one that will be activated. If the Mac address you provided is already active, we'll let you know so you can edit it. 
Once the Mac address has been added / modified 
Exit the initial screen 
Open the Menu option again to the right and scroll to Profiles 
Select the profile you just created The 
portal should start to load and this is finished !!!