Do you want to become an IPTV distributor?

Be a distributor of IPTV subscriptions, receive additional revenue through IPTV, and our offerings are excellent and your customers will not disappoint. Our servers are managed by the most powerful Xtream-Codes and effective code publishing. 

IPTV subscriptions for your customers. Upon receipt of your IPTV distributor request, we will contact you by phone, Whatsapp or email to your service. Interface. Contact us.

Distributor Plans

As a distributor, you will receive a 20% discount on our packages. This means you will only pay 80% of the total price and make a total profit of 20%. Contact us.

Manage with your dashboard

Once you have registered a reseller account with us, you have access to your own control panel that allows you to manage your accounts. Your entire workflow can be automated, which means you do not need additional resources to manage everything. Contact us.

How to buy a reseller account first time?

To purchase a reseller account for the first time, you will need to purchase a portion of our package (balance / funds). After buying a reseller, start creating links. When your balance goes down, recharge it and continue your work. Contact us.


When you become our reseller, you will purchase credits to charge your reseller panel. 
The minimum credit is 10. Contact us.


To add funds to your reseller account, purchase simplicity 
and we will automatically charge it to your account. Contact us.


Simple. Subscribe to a reseller account, then publish our service to your neighbors, your family, your users, .... Contact us.

What is a reseller account?

A reseller account is for those who want to do business with IPTV. You can continue for the reseller if you want to deal with IPTV. You will have to sell IPTV links to your customers. The reseller account will bill each line created from your account. Fees will be lower than those of a regular customer. Contact us.


You can now create your IPTV business, and you will have your own panel installed to manage an unlimited number of customers. Start selling our products to your customers with a very simple user interface. Contact us.

Start selling in 5 minutes.

If you want to serve us and know people who want to try it too, why not become a distributor? You just need to become a distributor, vendor board, and credit. All your customer needs are online. Contact us.